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A.  Individuals and Married Couples:  Click to the left if you are an individual or married couple seeking information on possibly filing a bankruptcy case in California.  This includes those who are self-employed and have their own business as a sole proprietor.

B. Corporations and Partnerships:   Click to the left if you are an authorized representative of a corporation, LLC, or partnership seeking information on possibly filing a bankruptcy case for your company/entity only.  (If you have personal guarantees or liability from your corporation or partnership and wish to explore possibly filing a “personal” bankruptcy as well, you should select option “A” above and select a longer appointment time and we will go over the business/corporate options in the same consult)

C. CreditorsClick to the left if you are owed money by someone who filed a bankruptcy case or you are being pursued by a bankruptcy trustee to return money.  OR

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How My Consultations Are Different

I do not operate like most other lawyers.  I do have offices in Burbank and downtown Los Angeles, but I’m typically not there.

I take advantage of modern technology and work from where I happen to be at any given time, whether at home, in court, or a distant location. While you always have the ability to see me in my office by appointment, you will never be required to.

We can meet by phone or online, so you can meet with me when it is convenient for you.

I request certain information be submitted prior to speaking/meeting with you about your situation so I can accurately answer your questions, explain your options, eligibility, and give a fee quote.  Please see more about  my consultation process and why certain information is important.

If you aren’t comfortable submitting information through the internet, or don’t want to  submit any information at this time, you can give me a call or e-mail me and we can schedule a time to go over your concerns and I’ll answer your questions to the best of my ability without the information. (Please note:  You will be given the option after clicking below to print out and complete the information manually and return)