Certified Specialist in Bankruptcy Law, California Board of Legal Specialization

Practicing exclusively bankruptcy law since 1991.

Practice Areas:

  • Bankruptcy Filings- Business and Personal Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13
  • Creditor Representation
  • Credit Repair and Rebuilding After Bankruptcy
  • Debt Settlement

A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau

BBB A+ Rating
AV-Rating Martindale-Hubbell

Nobody wants to consider filing bankruptcy.  Life’s daily struggles are hard enough without worrying about debt problems, foreclosures or repossessions.

I know and understand this.

Taking the first step to learn about your options is the best thing you can do and a smart and courageous act.

Since 1991 I have patiently listened to my clients’ cares and concerns and am grateful to have helped them remove the financial thorns from their feet, as painlessly as possible.

I also represent those who are owed money by someone who filed bankruptcy (creditors).

Let me know how best I can help you.  Schedule an appointment now.

My bankruptcy offices are located in  Los Angeles County but I handle cases throughout most of California.  See Where


My Los Angeles Bankruptcy Blog

I maintain a Bankruptcy Blog with articles on bankruptcy issues and answers to commonly asked questions about bankruptcy.   Do  a search for any keyword that interests you.   

Bankruptcy Client Testimonials

“Like many, I never expected to go through bankruptcy. I had many questions and was very leery of getting the wrong legal advice. Mark’s website was so informative that I decided to contact him. I am very glad that I did! Mark is truly an expert on bankruptcy law and took the time to explain everything. He is very professional, very reassuring, and he answers emails promptly! Put your case in Mark’s hands–you won’t regret it!”

MB, Los Angeles, California. June 2010

“Thank you Mark for all that you have done for me. There is just way too much info to research, forms to fill out, complex bankruptcy laws, etc.  The paperwork alone is so much and detailed with complexity.  The list just goes on and on.

It is absolutely crazy to do on your own when your financial situation is on the line.

You really want someone who is honest, tells you how it is, knows what he is doing, has done it for a long time, is certified in bankruptcy cases and is accessible.

Mark Markus is all the above and more. He cares for his clients and it really shows. Even after the bankruptcy is over, he still wants to keep in touch with you to see how you have progressed financially. What other place or attorney does this? His web site is full of information and he is also available to answer questions. He is very patient and great to get along with.

Do not go to just some cheap or low cost attorney or facility to do you bankruptcy. You will not regret using Mark Markus. Thanks again Mark.”

SM, Stevenson Ranch, California. March 2016

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*The foregoing testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter

Bankruptcy Information and My Philosophy

Bankruptcy Attorneys are not all the same.

There are a lot of bankruptcy attorneys out there, just like there are lots of doctors.

It makes a big difference who you choose to hire for your bankruptcy case, so you need to educate yourself on what’s important and then see who will be best for your bankruptcy needs.

My motto, or basic philosophy, for all my bankruptcy clients is:

Do it Right the First Time.

I have represented a lot of clients over the years whose prior bankruptcy counsel did not do it right the first time.

Bankruptcy is a powerful yet flexible tool which forces your creditors to stop all collection actions and legally allows you to eliminate or repay debts at less than 100%, remove certain mortgage liens, and do many other things in order to allow you to  achieve a fresh start financially.

But the bankruptcy laws are extremely complex with a minefield of traps.

Experience matters.

It is important to have the best possible bankruptcy attorney who specializes in bankruptcy law, cares about your personal situation, and can make the bankruptcy process as simple and painless as possible for you.

I set up my Los Angeles bankruptcy practice and consultations to be thorough so all the legal requirements are met, but I’m always mindful of the stress my clients are under and do my best to make things easier.

My office handles both consumer bankruptcy and business bankruptcy cases and representation of Debtors, Creditors and Trustees in Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Los Angeles, Southern California and throughout the State of California.

How Am I Different Than Other Bankruptcy Attorneys?

EXPERIENCE: I have been practicing exclusively bankruptcy law since 1991.

CONVENIENCE: I structure my Los Angeles area bankruptcy law practice to maximize convenience to my clients, making the process as quick, easy and painless as possible for them, while also maintaining the efficiency and quality of my representation.

Among other ways I do this by handling the vast majority of work in cases via telephone and e-mail thereby reducing unnecessary time spent traveling for my bankruptcy clients.

PROMPT RETURN OF CALLS AND AVAILABILITY:  If I’m known for anything it is that I return phone calls and e-mails very quickly.   It’s usually within a few minutes, but almost always within 24 hours.  I know communication is important to my bankruptcy clients and to give the best service I can, I answer questions very quickly.

PERSONALIZED SERVICE: All legal work done on your case is done by one bankruptcy attorney, and that is me and me alone in my Los Angeles area office.  I do not use any paralegals,  secretaries, or other attorneys for preparation of any legal documents or any work done on your case.  I am the one you will be talking to and working with throughout your case.

FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION: I offer free initial phone consultations (and on certain days office appointments are also free) and all appointments and consultation information can be submitted securely and  easily online, or printed out and returned.

This enables me to review your information, anticipate problems and request additional information before our initial appointment. The reason for this is to maximize the accuracy and efficiency of our meeting because I value your time.

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PROFESSIONAL AND AFFORDABLE: In short, my philosophy as a bankruptcy attorney is to help my clients accomplish their goals by handling their bankruptcy case the right way the first time for a fair and affordable fee.

If you are looking for the cheapest bankruptcy attorney out there, I’m not your guy.  But if you want your case handled properly by an attorney who promptly responds to your questions at a fair and competitive price, then you’ve found him.  I invite you to see my credentials and talk to me before deciding.

CERTIFIED SPECIALIST: I am one of a select few bankruptcy attorneys in Los Angeles County who are certified specialists in bankruptcy law by the State Bar of California. Los Angeles is glutted with bankruptcy attorneys, some of whom are competent, but many are not.  Selecting a certified specialist is important.  See more on why this matters.

Taking the Next Step To Get Help

Getting bankruptcy help is easy.

Whether you are in Los Angeles or other parts of California, just visit my consultation page, to prepare for and schedule an appointment–not only to go over your bankruptcy options, but to give you the ability to learn about me and see if I am the best fit for your needs.

Bankruptcy is an important and legal tool.  Take advantage of my free consultations to see if bankruptcy can be of benefit to you, whether you are in Los Angeles or elsewhere in California.