Another year comes to an end.  It was a busy year for bankruptcy.

Not so much for people filing bankruptcy, but certainly for accessing bankruptcy information.

Below are the most visited posts from my bankruptcy blog in 2014*:

10.  How To Determine Which Debts Are Discharged in Your Bankruptcy Caseconfused

When you receive your “discharge” there is nothing the court issues which lists which debts are discharged.  How do you know which debts you no longer have to pay?

Hint:  Ask your attorney


9. How Long In Between Bankruptcy Filings?limit to filing bankruptcy

This article answers the oft asked question about how many times you can file bankruptcy, and how long you have to wait after filing a prior case.




8. Does The Means Test Use Gross or Net Income? bankruptcy calculations

I was somewhat surprised this one made the top 10, but there must be a lot of “do-it-yourselfers” out there trying to perform surgery on themselves.  In any event, this article attempts to explain a bit about the numbers used in the means test calculations.



7.  Dangers of Low Cost-Inexpensive Bankruptcy Attorneyspennies

What are the real costs and risks of hiring a cheap bankruptcy attorney?  Discussion of why cost should not be your only, or even primary, criteria in selecting a lawyer.



6.  Filing Bankruptcy While Living Outside the USA globe

Discussion of what is needed to file bankruptcy in the USA while living abroad.




5.  How Much Debt Do You Need To File Bankruptcy? debt amount

Is there a minimum amount of debt you need in order to file a bankruptcy case?

Many think so.



4.  Removing Judgment Liens In Bankruptcycourt judgment

Can you discharge and remove judgment liens in bankruptcy and, if so, what are the requirements?

Discussion of what a lien is and what it does.



3.   What Happens To Mortgage Liens In Bankruptcy?alice in wonderland

Do you still have to pay on your mortgage after you get a bankruptcy discharge?  What happens if you don’t?




2.   Filing Taxes After Bankruptcy:  Are Forgiven Debts Taxable?tax return

Apparently a super-common question, and one that’s very important.  You need to know whether and to what extent debts forgiven in bankruptcy can affect your taxes.




1.  What Happens To Assets in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcytrustee surprise

The number 1 viewed article this year deals with how long a Trustee in a Chapter 7 can continue to pursue/collect assets of the debtor.

It is an important lesson for properly listing and exempting assets you want protected.

*This list obviously favors the posts that were written more than a year ago, as the more recent ones have not been available for an entire year.


Image courtesy of Sean Davis