Top 10 Mark J. Markus Blog Posts of 2015

2015 saw many rare or unusual events outside of the bankruptcy world.

Donald Trump surged to the top of the polls as the Republican candidate for president.

Secret Service Agents crashed their car at the White House.

Kansas City won the World Series.

Justin Bieber didn’t get arrested for something.

And amidst all this were my blog posts on the Los Angeles Bankruptcy Blog site.

If you didn’t read them, here’s your chance now.

The following are my ten most popular blog posts in 2015.

#10:  This article explored the significant effects poor bankruptcy planning and mistakes made in connection with a bankruptcy can have on loved ones and other third parties.

#9:  How Bankruptcy repayment plans work and why they are often superior to any non-bankruptcy choices.

#8:  Why “Bankruptcy” is not a four letter word and should not be treated as such.

#7:  My tongue-in-cheek look at do-it-yourself bankruptcy filings.

#6:  Reasons why it’s bad to repay certain debts before filing bankruptcy.

#5:  This one speaks for itself I think.   

#4: Emphasizes the importance of filing your tax returns on time and the consequences of failing to do so, both inside and outside of bankruptcy.

#3:  A look at problems people have when not using an experienced and quality bankruptcy attorney.

#2: Answers the age-old question of whether you can get rid of Sales Taxes in California.  Well, maybe it’s not age-old.  But it get asked of me a lot.

And the Number 1 most viewed blog post for 2015:   Answers the question–Can you get rid of debts owed to the EDD for unemployment overpayments in California?  

Top Image courtesy of Sam Churchill