Bankruptcy Attorney Fees: You Get What You Pay For

We've all done it. . . purchased a cheap product only to have it break or fall apart shortly thereafter. A watch.  A purse.  Sunglasses. Electronics. That's OK when you don't mind throwing something away and getting a new one. But when you're dealing with personal services, such as hiring a bankruptcy attorney or other professionals, if the quality isn't there, the damage often can't be fixed. Today I responded to a public question posted on regarding a bankruptcy attorney which [...]

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It Costs Money to Go Broke

Going Broke Can Be Expensive A bankruptcy client of mine recently made a statement that I obviously already knew, but had never heard it phrased quite the way he said it. The husband and wife's situation had been deteriorating for a long time. They had amassed a large debt, which they previously had sufficient income to pay, but one of them lost their job, and the other had to take a pay cut, and the problems started mounting. They used [...]

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How Much Does Chapter 13 Cost?

Chapter 13 Fees and Costs I often get asked by potential clients how much it will cost to file bankruptcy. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to answer how much the attorneys fees for any bankruptcy will be before having a consultation and getting all the relevant information. It's even more difficult to do in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case. Why? Because there are a lot of moving parts to a Chapter 13, representation lasts for 3-5 years, the [...]

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