What Happens If I Forget To List A Debt In My Bankruptcy Case?

Is It A Problem To Forget To List A Bankruptcy Debt? It is hard to remember everything. In a bankruptcy case you are supposed to list all the people, or entities, to whom you owe money. Even if you do not yet owe the money, but the underlying cause of the possible debt already occurred, it should be listed. The reason for this is the ever popular "due process" concept we hold dear in this country. Creditors (parties owed money [...]

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What Causes the Need to File Bankruptcy?

With the shutdown of the United States government going into its third week, we read stories about how "non-essential" employees are being furloughed. That's something well known to state and county employees here in California who have had mandatory furlough days for a while now. What this means is, you don't come to work and don't get paid for furlough days. I suppose furloughs aren't as bad as a flat out job loss, since you are either receiving some income [...]

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For How Long Can a Trustee Take My Assets in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Can a bankruptcy trustee take assets years after you receive a discharge? How long can the Trustee keep the case open to pursue assets?

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