Personal Injury Bankruptcy Exemption California – Attorney Mark J. Markus

Many of my clients come to me after a personal injury has rendered them unable to work. Their income loss causes them to default on their debt payments. Often this results in them needing to file bankruptcy. This article explains how personal injury claims can be protected in bankruptcy in California. And how to get a referral for a good PI Attorney. Personal Injury Claims In Bankruptcy Many bankruptcy cases become necessary due to medical expenses incurred after an accident. [...]

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John Oliver’s Report On Why Bankruptcy Should Be Used When Necessary

Television personality and part-time comedian John Oliver recently did an important segment on bankruptcy law.   The April 18, 2021 show covered the many often misguided reasons people avoid filing bankruptcy.   It points out why bankruptcy should be used when necessary. The show admirably highlighted the benefits of bankruptcy, including getting a fresh start from your debts.   It also stated clearly that the social stigma associated with filing bankruptcy is "completely misguided." Unfortunately, the show also makes many technically correct, but [...]

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Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Accounts In Bankruptcy | Mark J. Markus

Over the past several years there has been increased popularity of Bitcoin and other types of "cryptocurrency." Cryptocurrency presents some unique, and also fairly traditional, issues in a bankruptcy case. How are these accounts and assets are treated in bankruptcy cases? Investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is similar to investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds. It seems every day a new investment platform arises for this purpose.  According to, these are the current Top 10 cryptocurrency investment [...]

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New California Homestead Exemption Increased For Bankruptcy Cases

What Is A Homestead Exemption? A huge concern for those who need to file bankruptcy is whether they will lose their home. [pullquote]See More On Exemptions In Bankruptcy[/pullquote] Every state has "exemptions" which protect the homestead (where one resides) up to a certain value. Until now, California's homestead exemptions were relatively low compared to other states. People filing bankruptcy often could not do a Chapter 7 case because they could not protect enough equity in their home. And the bankruptcy [...]

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California Homestead Exemption Set To Change For Bankruptcy Per AB 1885

California Homestead Exemption Will Increase In January 2021 On September 2, 2020 the California legislature passed AB 1885 (and SB 832) which will substantially increase California's homestead exemption. This is a very important change and will enable many homeowners to eliminate their debts in bankruptcy without having to lose their homes to do so. The current homestead exemption, under CCP 704.730,  ranges between $75,000 to $175,000 and depends on whether you are single, married, over 65 or disabled, or with [...]

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How Can You Pay For And Afford A Bankruptcy Lawyer Attorney When You Have No Money?

It is an obvious dilemma. How can you afford a bankruptcy attorney when you have no money? Like anything else in law, representation by an attorney - and the quality of the attorney - can make a big difference. So what can be done to enable the hiring of a bankruptcy attorney? Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 (or Chapter 11)? For individuals, your bankruptcy chapter choices will be either Chapter 7 , Chapter 13, or Chapter 11.  Learn About The [...]

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Woke And Broke: Millennials and Bankruptcy Filing Options For Those Under 40

In an article titled "Millennials get woke to economic woes" Dave Lee of The Los Angeles Times examines how the COVID-19 pandemic is hitting Millennials particularly hard, economically. The pandemic tends to affect those of older generations more harshly. Millennials are forced to shoulder the economic burden by not working during their peak earning years. These are years where they are trying to climb the financial income ladder and many have entry level jobs. Additionally, Millennials have some of the [...]

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How Can Bankruptcy Help A Small Business During Covid-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc on small businesses. "Mom and Pop" stores and other small businesses are the most affected and least likely to survive the downturn in business. Employees are being laid off, businesses are closing, and vendors of  businesses are losing their businesses. These are difficult times to be sure. When faced with this reality,  what steps can you take to recover? Especially when the problems thrust upon you by circumstances are beyond your control. Small businesses [...]

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Bankruptcy Can Protect CARES ACT Stimulus Check Payments From Creditors

Stimulus Check  Payments Are Not Protected From Creditors We all anxiously await the first round of Stimulus Check payments from the government. But Congress did not protect these funds from collections by Creditors. Therefore, if a creditor (someone to whom you owe money) has the right to collect from you, they can take your CARES ACT stimulus payment from your bank account (and garnish your wages and place liens on other assets). For most creditors, the ability to take money [...]

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How To Avoid Bankruptcy And Prevent Effects of Coronavirus Covid-19

Debt Caused By The Coronavirus We are living through some truly bizarre times. The latest Coronavirus, named "Covid-19" has halted businesses, entertainment, social events, and caused the stock market to tumble. The medical impact of this virus is being debated daily (and every minute), but the economic impact will undoubtedly be devastating and could last for years. The inability of certain businesses to operate at full capacity (such as restaurants) and those relying on international commerce will suffer greatly, and [...]

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