How To Self Report Current Payments On Your Credit Report After Bankruptcy

You file a bankruptcy case and receive your discharge of debts. You are keeping your house and cars and continue making the payments on time. You assume this will help you rebuild your credit. But none of those payments shows up on your credit report. Why not? The most common reason given is that since the debt was discharged in bankruptcy, they cannot report voluntary payments being made on the loan. Let me explain this issue a bit further before getting [...]

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Bankruptcy, Like Butter, Is Good For You

For decades we were (incorrectly) told that butter was bad for us and, instead, we should eat artificial hydrogenated oils contained in margarine. That was until doctors, following the lead of knowledgeable nutritionists and holistic health professionals, figured out that the margarine caused  heart and health problems and that butter and saturated fats are, actually, really nutritious. As one example, see this NY Times opinion piece on how the tide is turning for butter. Bankruptcy May Be Good For You--Really It [...]

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Why is Bankruptcy a Last Resort?

"I don't want to file bankruptcy", says nearly every single potential and actual client I have counseled and represented for the past 23+ years, "but I've tried everything else and have no more choices." Trying all your other choices may seem like a good idea, but as I pointed out in my post on why you should not always wait to file bankruptcy, leaving bankruptcy as a last resort can be very expensive and damaging. So why (I ask myself) [...]

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Filing Bankruptcy Can Actually Improve Your Credit Score And Much More

One of the biggest concerns for those filing bankruptcy is the impact it will have on their credit score. "If I file bankruptcy it will ruin my credit," says nearly every client I've consulted with in the past 20 years. According to "[a] bankruptcy will always be considered a very negative event by your FICO® score." However, that "negative event" is very temporary and I am here to tell you that most of my client's credit scores actually increase [...]

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