Bankruptcy Alternatives Consolidation or Debt Settlement? What To Do?

Bankruptcy and Non-Bankruptcy Alternatives For Different Types of Debts There are many different kinds of debts and bills. There are mortgage, credit card, taxes, student loans, payday loans, alimony, child support, as well as debts that might come from negligence or other actions, and many more. People who find themselves unable to pay their debts are often confused about their options. Not unexpectedly, the options vary depending on a number of factors. I have divided the different options into two main [...]

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Debt Consolidation

It's hard to know which direction to go when faced with debt problems. Debt consolidation is one option many utilize to get a handle on their debts. But the typical debt consolidation programs don't save you any money. In fact you're really just paying someone else to make your payments for you, and you're still paying interest and other charges on your debts. Or you are just taking out one new loan to pay off all of your numerous older [...]

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