How Does Bankruptcy Affect Divorce Actions And Settlements

How To Avoid Future Bankruptcy Problems In Your Divorce Case Bankruptcy does not prevent people from getting divorced. But it can affect how property is divided. A bankruptcy trustee can recover unequal divisions of property. For example, wife gets the million dollar house and husband gets the 18 year old Toyota Tercel.  If husband later files a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the Trustee can sue the wife for what should have been husband's 50% interest in the property. Many people try [...]

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How Can I Be Responsible For Ex-Spouse Debts After Divorce?

How Divorce Judgments and Equalization Payments Work When going through a divorce, you can be left with different types of obligations. The most common is a domestic support obligation, such as child support or alimony. But you can also be made responsible for your spouse's separate debts, usually as part of the property division. For example, the wife gets to keep the dog and the house, and husband gets to keep the car. Wife, let's say, then agrees (or is [...]

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