John Oliver’s Report On Why Bankruptcy Should Be Used When Necessary

Television personality and part-time comedian John Oliver recently did an important segment on bankruptcy law.   The April 18, 2021 show covered the many often misguided reasons people avoid filing bankruptcy.   It points out why bankruptcy should be used when necessary. The show admirably highlighted the benefits of bankruptcy, including getting a fresh start from your debts.   It also stated clearly that the social stigma associated with filing bankruptcy is "completely misguided." Unfortunately, the show also makes many technically correct, but [...]

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Why You Should Not Wait Too Long To File Bankruptcy

My typical bankruptcy client exhausts every possible alternative before contacting me to discuss bankruptcy. After the initial consultation they almost always say they wish they had contacted me sooner. Do You Have a Financial Exit Strategy? When our military commits to another country to fight, there is always the question of our exit strategy.  Do we have one? (unfortunately, often not) A successful exit strategy in bankruptcy comes in part from not depleting all your assets before filing. Don't mistake [...]

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