Bankruptcy Alphabet: N is for Numbers and New Bankruptcy Laws

The New Bankruptcy Laws Are All About Numbers People are Not Numbers When numbers are used to identify people, it's usually when they are in prison. The Bankruptcy laws used to be about helping out people (and businesses) in need. They were about equitable solutions to serious financial problems. Laws in general are designed to help society as a whole, but one must never forget it is always about people.   When a potential bankruptcy client comes into my office with [...]

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Congress Votes Against Home Loan Modification

On December 11, 2009, the U.S. House of Representatives voted against legislation that would have allowed homeowners to modify their loans on a principal residence in a bankruptcy case (Chapter 13 loan modification.) Mortgage Liens On Principal Residence May Not Be Modified In Bankruptcy This is at least the second time this amendment has come up for vote, and this time only 50 democrats voted in favor.   Thus, the bankruptcy law remains unchanged on this issue. Loans against a principal [...]

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