There’s More To Bankruptcy Than Just Filling Out Forms

There's More To Bankruptcy Than Just Filling Out Forms There is a great misconception out there shared by many that filing bankruptcy is simple-- that all you need to do is fill out some forms, attend a meeting, and you get rid of all your debts. This idea is shared by many before they file a bankruptcy case, and by almost no one after the case is filed. It is certainly not shared by those who call me on  a [...]

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Bankruptcy, Like Butter, Is Good For You

For decades we were (incorrectly) told that butter was bad for us and, instead, we should eat artificial hydrogenated oils contained in margarine. That was until doctors, following the lead of knowledgeable nutritionists and holistic health professionals, figured out that the margarine caused  heart and health problems and that butter and saturated fats are, actually, really nutritious. As one example, see this NY Times opinion piece on how the tide is turning for butter. Bankruptcy May Be Good For You--Really It [...]

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Can I Still File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Do New Laws Prevent Debt Discharge?

Yes, I went there.  I said the "B" word. Most people would rather get strung upside-down naked and lowered into a pile of fire ants than consider bankruptcy. And I don't understand why. Many times--dare I say MOST times--bankruptcy is by far the easiest, cheapest, most effective and most efficient solution to their financial problems, both short term and long term. But today I read a post online from someone asking if Chapter 7 bankruptcy still exists, because he was [...]

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Bankruptcy Alphabet: N is for Numbers and New Bankruptcy Laws

The New Bankruptcy Laws Are All About Numbers People are Not Numbers When numbers are used to identify people, it's usually when they are in prison. The Bankruptcy laws used to be about helping out people (and businesses) in need. They were about equitable solutions to serious financial problems. Laws in general are designed to help society as a whole, but one must never forget it is always about people.   When a potential bankruptcy client comes into my office with [...]

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