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Should I Borrow Use 401k Retirement To Pay Debts Or File Bankruptcy?

In my opinion, using retirement or other protected funds to pay your debts is almost always a bad idea. Yet it is one of the most frequent "solutions" people utilize in their quest to deal with debt problems and their misguided attempts to avoid filing bankruptcy (which they often end up having to file anyway, after exhausting their retirement). AARP has the top google search article for this topic, written by Lynnette Khalfani-Cox.   To its credit, the article takes the [...]

2021-08-26T12:11:53-07:00February 20th, 2015|

K: Dangers of borrowing against 401k plans

What are some of the dangers of borrowing against your 401k or retirement plans? How does this affect your ability to file for bankruptcy protection?

2021-08-09T15:15:06-07:00January 26th, 2012|
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