Filing Bankruptcy At Age 21, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 – When Should You File?

To determine when or if to file a bankruptcy case requires one to examine multiple factors. Age is not really a critical factor--as explained more fully below--but it is one to consider.  [pullquote]More on Bankruptcy Issues Unique To Elderly/Seniors[/pullquote] A 23 year old is going to have different goals than someone who is, say,  60 or 75. Older people do not own exclusive rights to financial problems.  It happens to those more junior in years as well. Factors To Consider Before [...]

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Bankruptcy for Senior Citizens and Elderly

Are you a senior citizen?  Do you have debts?  Have you ever considered bankruptcy as an option to resolve those financial problems? A recent article by Tara Siegel Bernard published in the New York Times has caused a lot of discussion in the bankruptcy community and elsewhere. The article relies on a study done by several law professors and concluded that an increasing number of senior citizens are filing for bankruptcy these days. The reasons are varied and there are [...]

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