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Will Bankruptcy Stop An Eviction?

Yes.  The automatic stay in bankruptcy will temporarily stop any eviction IF the case is filed before the eviction process has terminated your rights to possession of the property.   How long the protection lasts depends on which bankruptcy chapter you file and whether you provide for catching up on the past due rent amounts. See more information on evictions in bankruptcy.

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What Are The Different Bankruptcy Chapters And Which One Do I Need To File?

There are significant differences in the different bankruptcy chapters, what they can accomplish for you, what risks there are, and in eligibility to file under each.   Ultimately the way to determine which is best for your situation and which you qualify for, you need to have a comprehensive consultation with a bankruptcy attorney in your area. For more information see my page on the Different Bankruptcy Chapters

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Can I get rid of taxes in bankruptcy including income tax to the IRS, FTB or Sales Tax to the SBOE State Board of Equalization Department of Tax and Fee Administration?

Income taxes and sales taxes may be discharged in bankruptcy if certain requirements are met. Certain time periods have to run after the returns are due to be filed, after they are actually filed, and after the taxes are "assessed" by the taxing agency. See more about: Requirements For Discharging Taxes In Bankruptcy

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Can I file a bankruptcy before a lawsuit is filed against me?

Yes.  The bankruptcy filing will discharge (eliminate) any dischargeable debts which are owed on the date the bankruptcy case is filed. In most cases, the debt on something is owed before a lawsuit is filed. The lawsuit is merely seeking a court judgment stating the amount that is owed and giving powers of collection to the creditor. So, a debt can be discharged by filing a bankruptcy case either before, or after, a lawsuit is filed.  

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Do I really need an attorney to file bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is not a "do it yourself" project, any more than doing surgery on your toe would be. See my articles discussing the pros and cons of filing bankruptcy without an attorney. Do you need a bankruptcy attorney? How to file bankruptcy without an attorney

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Can I keep my house and car if I file a bankruptcy?

In most cases, and with the assistance of an experienced bankruptcy attorney, you can usually keep your home and car. It depends on which Chapter you file, and the values of your assets. For more information: Can I Keep My House or Car In Bankruptcy? Keeping Your Home and Property In Bankruptcy

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