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 Individuals and Married Couples:  if you are an individual or married couple seeking information on possibly filing a bankruptcy case in California.  This includes those who are self-employed and have their own business as a sole proprietor.


 Corporations and Partnerships:  if you are an authorized representative of a corporation, LLC, or partnership seeking information on possibly filing a bankruptcy case for your company/entity only.  (If you have personal guarantees or liability from your corporation or partnership and wish to explore possibly filing a “personal” bankruptcy as well, you should select option “A” above and select a longer appointment time and we will go over the business/corporate options in the same consult)


 Creditors:  if you are owed money by someone who filed a bankruptcy case or you are being pursued by a bankruptcy trustee to return money.  OR

D. Other Reason for Consultation:  Click on either “B” or “C” above and submit any information and I will get back to you.