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Recommended first:  See answers to Frequently Asked Questions about my consultations.

A.  I Am/We Are Individuals Considering Filing Bankruptcy:  If you are an individual or married couple seeking information on possibly filing a bankruptcy case in California.  This includes those who are self-employed and have their own business as a sole proprietor.

 B.   We Are A Corporation Or Partnership (LLC/LLP, Inc.) Seeking Information On Bankruptcy Options:  if you are an authorized representative of a corporation, LLC, or partnership seeking information on possibly filing a bankruptcy case for your company/entity only.  (If you have personal guarantees or liability from your corporation or partnership and wish to explore possibly filing a “personal” bankruptcy as well, you should select option “A” above and select a longer appointment time and we will go over the business/corporate options in the same consult)

  C.  I Am Owed Money By Someone Who Filed Bankruptcy:  If you are owed money by someone who filed a bankruptcy case or you are being pursued by a bankruptcy trustee to return money.  OR

   D.  I Have Bankruptcy Or Debt Related Questions But Am Not Interested In Filing Bankruptcy In California:  For example, you already filed a bankruptcy case and are having problems with it; or, you want information on student loan options outside bankruptcy; or, you have questions you need answered relating to bankruptcy or debts that you owe.  I charge $150 for telephone appointments for this category.  When you click on the GO NOW! button, you will be taken to my appointment scheduling page.  Please select the appropriate option there to schedule your appointment.