Bankruptcy Consultations For Individuals

Hello and welcome.   I am honored to assist you with your debt problems and happy to analyze your eligibility and options for bankruptcy.

All bankruptcy lawyers provide initial consultations.   But most are very cursory:  You get just enough information to hopefully convince you they know what they’re doing, then they quote a fee and rush you out the door without having really delved into your situation or revealing possible risks and pitfalls that your case may have.    Thus, you will not discover the additional fees you need to pay or problems that will need to be dealt with, until after you have paid a substantial fee to them.

If you’re not getting any advice, guidance or answers then there’s no value in that consultation regardless of whether you are paying for it or not.

I do things differently.

When we talk (or see each other), I will do a full and comprehensive analysis of your situation.  I’ll walk you through all your options and explain everything to you.  If there’s something you need to do outside of a bankruptcy case, I will guide you on how to do that.    Many people learn after the consultation that they do not need to file bankruptcy, but they go away with a list of their options and hopefully a strategy for handling everything.

Important Notes:

  • On the following pages you will be asked to submit some information to be used by me to discuss at your consultation appointment.   Why do I need this information?  I need it to properly advise you on your options, determine your eligibility, and answer any questions you may have.
  • You will be given a choice to submit the information online through a secure 2,048-bit encrypted connection, or to print out forms and submit via e-mail, fax or other method.
  • After submitting your information, you will be taken to my appointment scheduling page to schedule your appointment.
  • Having a consultation regarding bankruptcy does not obligate you to file a bankruptcy case.
  • If you prefer to have a brief chat before submitting your information, you may schedule a free 15-minute telephone appointment to go over your questions and concerns. (Note: This is only for potential clients who reside or who have their principal assets in California)