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Scheduling a Consultation Appointment

If you are considering filing a bankruptcy case, the most efficient way to proceed is to schedule a consultation appointment by going to

You will be asked to submit some information about your income, expenses, assets and debts, and then be taken to my calendaring page where you can schedule your appointment.

If you live outside of California

I cannot represent anyone outside of California. Therefore, if you do not reside in California and have not for the past 3 months (and do not plan to move here in the near future), I do charge a nominal, very reasonable fee to answer questions. If interested, simply reply to this and I will provide further instructions. (If you live outside the USA but have your principal assets in the USA located in California, then I may be able to represent you. If so, please follow the above instructions for schedule a consultation appointment, but select the 30-minute PAID appointment, since these tend to be more complicated).

To see more specifically whom I represent and where, please visit

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