Debt Settlement Instead of Bankruptcy

Debt Settlement may be a preferred solution for those who either do not qualify for bankruptcy relief, or simply prefer not to file bankruptcy.

The purpose of settling is to pay off a debt at a discount in return for a release of liability from the creditor (party to whom you owe the debt).

How Debt Settlement Negotiations Work

Creditors will often give discounts on the balance owed based on their perception of your ability to pay.

Typically this involves an analysis of your income, expenses, value of your assets, and amount of other debt obligations.

There is a benefit to a bankruptcy attorney handling these negotiations as we are in a unique position to state whether or not bankruptcy is an alternative option.

This can give significant leverage in the negotiations and result in a significantly lower settlement amount.

Debt Relief For Credit Card, Medical, Business And Other Debts

Almost any debt can be settled.

Many clients have substantial credit card or medical debt.  And many have business related debts.

Whatever type you have, see what options are available for debt relief.