This company placed an advertisement online to which I responded and paid for a sterling silver photo pendant.

Here is a link to the advertisement containing pictures of what the final products are supposed to look like:

And you can see the actual advertisement that shows how the finished products are supposed to look here


So, I submitted this picture to them along with my Order:


And I received this from them:


Keep in mind the above photo is magnified.   To the naked eye, it is even worse.  As you can see, it completely lacks the detail of the products contained in their false advertisements.


I contacted them to get a refund.  They responded by admitting that their product is subpar, stating:

On 7/11/2018 11:37 PM, pet support wrote:

Hello, because your order is made of titanium steel, the photo is printed, so this is the case. If you are not satisfied, you can change it to silver, but because the silver material is expensive, you need to pay 20 dollars for shipping. is it acceptable?

Trying to blame me for their shoddy product.   The problem (for them) is that I ordered and paid for the Silver material, as you can see below:

Thank you for placing order at

Your payment has been received for the following items:

Product Name Unit Price QTY Subtotal
Personalized Photo Necklace Sterling Silver

Personalized Photo Necklace Sterling Silver

Back-Inscription: I love you Baby â ¤ï¸
Material: Sterling Silver(Recommend)
Chain Length: 18″ (45cm) – Adult

$ 39.95 + 10.00
You Save:$ 39.95
$ 49.95
Shipping Method: Free Shipping ($0.00)
Grand Total: $49.95
Thus far they are refusing to refund my money, so I am opening this resolution request with PayPal.
They offered to re-do the product if I was willing to pay them an additional $20.   Given the above, I have no confidence that they would provide a quality product and I would simply be out of pocket another $20 and have to go through this all over again.