Due to economic considerations and an overwhelming number of daily e-mail questions, I can no longer give free consultations or free answers to e-mail questions except to those interested in retaining me to represent them in connection with a bankruptcy in California or to creditors who need representation against a debtor who filed a bankruptcy in the parts of Southern California where I practice.  (See Whom I Represent And Where)

What I Can Do For You

If you reside or have your principal assets outside of California, or have questions regarding a bankruptcy case filed outside of California,  I will be happy to answer your questions for a nominal fee, paid in advance (see below).

Payments are accepted by credit card or bank deposit through PayPal or by money order/cashiers check, paid in advance.

(NOTE: Debtors making payments by credit card may not be able to discharge (i.e. get rid of) that particular account charge through a bankruptcy)

Please understand that any advice I may give will not be a substitute for hiring an attorney in your area and many times I will be unable to answer questions in detail if they rely on laws peculiar to your state. Since I only practice in California, I am only familiar with their local laws regarding exemptions, real estate, probate, local bankruptcy rules of procedure, etc.

What I will endeavor to do is answer your questions as completely as possible, and point you in the direction that may best suit you.

The fees are as follows:

1. Questions submitted per e-mail (up to 4 separate questions): $100.00 (includes one follow up e-mail).

2. Telephone consultations up to 30 mins.: $150

3. Telephone consultations up to 1 hour: $250

Click on the following buttons to make payment and schedule an appointment (if necessary)


If you are just submitting e-mail questions, please resubmit your questions by going to after you have made your payment, and inform me that your payment was made.